Charlemont Federated Church

Worship: Sundays 9:30 A.M.
Charlemont Federated Church has resumed in-person worship Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Care has been taken to adjust seat spacing and to open windows and doors to increase ventilation and air flow. Come a bit early to get situated.
We invite those who have have masks to be seated inside the sanctuary. Those without masks and those who are not vaccinated are invited to sit on lawn chairs under the tent, listening to the service via radio signal or to listen from their cars (radio instructions will be provided). At this time, those masked may hum, but not sing, but the service will be live and we will sit in community in a sacred space. Restrictions will likely change over the next few weeks and months and we will post these changes as they occur. 

stained glass windowWhile we will no longer be sending the Sunday worship via email, we invite you to join us again in-person as we worship together. Church news will continue to be shared during Sunday morning announcements, through the Clarion newsletter, on the website and via email. [subscribe] to keep in touch. If you have questions, you are encouraged to leave a message on the church answering machine (413) 339-4294. As we begin to step into an in-person life after having been apart, we ask you to reach out to us and stay connected in any way you are able.

Please note, we will transition to other building usage over the next several weeks. Stay tuned; we are in a period of transition as we seek to provide a safe environment for all who gather in our space.  


The Charlemont Federated Church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ
As progressive and open Christians, we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the call towards living as best we can in God’s love, seeking peace and justice for all of creation. We draw from the traditions of our faith and allow God’s Word to unfold in ever-new ways through scripture, prayer, music, preaching and our interactions with one another. Our doors are open to the larger community and the world. You are invited to bring your own spiritual gifts to our faith community, a place with “theological elbow room.”  You are invited to share in the journey with us.

Charlemont Federated Church is of this world and in this world, celebrating life and fully engaged in responding to the joys, sorrows, challenges and spiritual and physical needs of our own community and beyond. 

Good Neighbors Food Pantry continues to serve our community with a drive-through pick-up food distribution. Notices regarding distribution are posted in online events and on the lawn sandwich board in front of the church. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.
Church phone: 413-339-4294