Charlemont Federated Church

Affiliated with the United Church of Christ
Worship: Sundays 9:30 A.M. with organ and choir/special music
Childcare all year/Sunday School from September through May.
Church phone: 413-339-4294

ALL ARE WELCOME! As progressive and open Christians, we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the call towards living as best we can in God’s love, seeking, peace and justice for all of creation.  We draw from the traditions of our faith and allow God’s Word to unfold in ever-new ways through scripture, prayer, music, preaching and our interactions with one another.  Our doors are open to the larger community and the world.  You are invited to bring your own spiritual gifts to our faith community, a place with “theological elbow room.”  You are invited to share in the journey with us.

WE WELCOME YOUR VISIT ANYTIME! Charlemont Federated Church is of this world and in this world, celebrating life and fully engaged in responding to the joys, the sorrows and the spiritual and physical needs of our own community and beyond.