Call The Charlemont Federated Church weekdays (Tues/Wed/Thurs,) by telephone at 413.339.4294 and feel free to share general news and non-urgent matters via email (general information). You are encouraged to call the pastor directly with any urgent matter.

Postal Mail:
Charlemont Federated Church
PO Box 248
Charlemont, MA 01339
note: the physical address (not for mailing) is: 175 Main Street, Charlemont, MA 01339

Charlemont Federated Church Contacts:

Pastor, Julia Khan
Minister of Music: Esther Haskell
Chair of Deacons: Karen Blum (2023)
Calendar Keeper: Linda Reynolds
and Katelyn Marshall in the office at

Ministries & Projects:

  • Pastoral Care – Agnes Newland, chair
  • Buildings & Grounds – Deborah Porter, chair
  • Missions & Outreach – Budge Litchfield, chair
  • Christian Education- Linda Comstock, chair
  • Music & Worship – Esther Haskell, chair
  • Good Neighbors – Budge & Sheila Litchfield, chair(s)
  • Rose Dixwell Music Fund – Esther Haskell, chair

Friends of Charlemont Federated Church: