Charlemont Forum: Debt, Austerity and Sabbath Economics

Event Details

Barry Shelly, a political economist and development observer, currently serving as the Global Agriculture and Climate Change Advisor for Oxfam American, will address how the national preoccupation with debt and a sense of scarcity tend to lead to policies that consistently favor the wealthy over the poor.

He will be joined in a dialogue with David Specht to explore how austerity thinking tends to lead to the deregulation of markets, the redistribution of land and (to) dramatic holes in the social safety net.  Specht serves as Director of Research and Organizational Services for Seeing Things Whole, a non-profit group helping to guide organizations toward policies informed by spiritual imagination and moral courage in the face of economic realities.

Partial financial support for the programs has come from the cultural councils of Buckland, Charlemont and Shelburne, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  While these dialogues are free, donations are welcomed but not required.