Sunday Worship Services

Event Details

This event finished on 18 December 2022

In-person worship has resumed Sundays at 9:30 at Charlemont Federated Church*. 

Join us! All are welcome – no matter where you are on your journey!
As progressive and open Christians, we remember the life of Jesus Christ and the call towards living as best we can in God’s love, seeking peace and justice for all of creation. We draw from the traditions of our faith and allow God’s Word to unfold in ever-new ways through scripture, prayer, music, preaching and our interactions with one another. Our doors are open to the larger community and the world. You are invited to bring your own spiritual gifts to our faith community, a place with “theological elbow room.”

Please note: Care has been taken to adjust seat spacing and install air purifiers to increase ventilation and airflow. Come a bit early to get situated. We invite those who have masks to be seated inside the sanctuary.

*As restrictions and guidelines change, we promise to keep you informed. We use the  Covid planning guide now posted.