Church Secretary/ Bookkeeper

Experience and Skills:  General secretarial skills, bookkeeping knowledge, computer literacy—including experience with word processing, bookkeeping, and database software—accurate typing and editing skills, good communication skills, familiarity with office equipment.

Personal Attributes:  Accurate, attentive to detail, self-motivated, cooperative, trustworthy of confidences, able to exercise initiative, tact, discretion, and good judgment.

Work Attributes:  Ability to work independently, organize and follow through on assignments, prioritize, adapt to change, relate well to people, work accurately and expediently, comfortable with sharing office space.

Ministry Skills:  Ability to relate to people with care and sensitivity.  The secretary is one of the church’s contacts with the larger community and may sometimes perform “pastoral care” in relating to members and friends of the congregation, as well as in relationship to the larger community.

Accountability/Supervisory Levels:  The immediate supervisor is the Pastor.  The next level of supervision is the Chairperson of the Diaconate.  Must maintain an effective working relationship and regular contact with the Treasurer.

Secretarial Responsibilities:

  • Regular maintenance of all office and computer filing systems, including database for mailing lists, membership, etc.
  • Purchasing office supplies
  • Picking up and sorting/routing mail and voicemail
  • Copying the weekly bulletin and preparation of announcement page
  • Distributing announcements, press releases, and ads for local news media
  • Printing, folding, and distributing the Clarion!
  • Assist in keeping the church website current
  • Preparation of the church’s annual report
  • Miscellaneous bulk mailings such as Stewardship letters
  • Church correspondence
  • Administrative tasks for approved affiliated organizations as needed, including Good Neighbors, Charlemont Forum and Rose Dixwell
  • Maintain historical records
  • Related duties as required

Bookkeeping Responsibilities:

  • Keep financial records on QuickBooks
  • Reconcile bank account statements
  • Quarterly reports from investments. Inform Trustees and Treasurer.
  • Prepare accounts payable.
  • Process accounts receivable.
  • Report hours to ADP on a monthly basis.
  • Produced monthly financial reports for Deacons, Ministries and others as needed
  • Implement financial policies
  • Year end audit preparation
  • Financial tasks for approved affiliated organizations as needed, including Good Neighbors, Charlemont Forum and Rose Dixwell

Work Setting:  The church office is the primary place for this work to be accomplished;  church records must be maintained at the church office. A weekly face-to-face consultation with the pastor is required.

Time Commitment: 40 hours per month, but there are times when the workload is lighter and other times when it’s heavier. Establish regular standing office hours.